Harvest Truck Driver

Pocatello, Idaho | Full-Time

General Description

This position involves working irregular schedules, long hours, and weekends, in all types of weather, under hazardous conditions, around operating equipment, and/or a noisy environment.

Nature and Scope
  • Drive and operate a 10-wheel truck while ensuring safety for themselves, other workers, equipment and product being harvested.
  • Maneuvering truck adjacent to harvester, while regulating speed and parallel space to the harvester.
  • ¬†Follow all state, federal and local laws and regulations while operating a vehicle.
  • Report any mechanical problems to a supervisor.
  • Safely climb in and out of truck and truck bed.
  • Work near moving mechanical parts.
  • Enter and exit at designated points in the field and cellar as directed.
  • Keep inside cab clean and fuel truck with Diesel as needed.
  • Secure and tarp load.
  • Operate PTO and lift gate to unload product.
  • Ensure gate is closed prior to loading.

Apply for this position

Minimum Qualifications
  • Valid driver license
  • Prefer prior experience
Skills Needed for Role
  • Must know enough English to understand simple directions from a supervisor.
  • Must know relevant traffic laws.
  • Must be able to write down truck number & time when unloading truck as required.
  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time.
  • Safely climb in and out of truck and truck bed.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with Driscoll Brothers Partnership Employee Manual, specifically but not limited to Food Safety & Hygiene Policy and Drug Free Workplace Policy.
  • Ability to maintain focus.
  • Depth perception and peripheral vision.
  • Follow basic hand signals while driving in a straight line maintaining appropriate spacing while being loaded.
  • Follow directions while safely backing up to load or unload product.
  • Must be punctual as directed and be prepared for work in the designated field.