Harvest Cellar Crew

Pocatello, Idaho | Full-Time

General Description

This position involves working irregular schedules, long hours, and weekends, in all types of weather, under hazardous conditions, around operating equipment, and/or a noisy environment.

Nature and Scope

Safely and efficiently work around moving equipment while performing the various tasks unloading and storage of product being harvested. Tasks may include:

  • Coordinate potato flow across collector and conveyor line
  • Discarding diseased, rotting, inferior product, rocks, dirt debris and foreign material
  • Operating shovel & wheelbarrows to clean up work area
  • Moving and securing tubes in place
  • Report any mechanical or safety problems to a supervisor
  • Perform various mechanical repairs and maintenance
  • Positioning electrical cables
  • Setting up and breaking down potato storage piling and handling systems
  • Safely climb up and down equipment
  • Move and realign equipment
  • Reports potentially unsafe conditions.
  • Other duties assigned by Supervisor/Farm Manager/Owner
Minimum Qualifications
Skills Needed for Role