Our specialty is the great ‘Idaho Potato’. The fertile soils of the Snake River Basin, combined with warm days and cool nights provided in the summers, make southern Idaho is the perfect place to grow excellent potatoes! We are proud that potatoes are Idaho’s claim to fame, and we attest that our potatoes are the best you’ll find in Idaho. Dedication, hard work, and sacrifice are all components in our recipe to deliver the best potatoes to your family. Whether baked potatoes, french fries, mashed, or tater tots are your favorite, we’re sure you’ll love our spuds!


Where would we all be if it wasn’t for the sweet sugar grown in Idaho! Our talented farm managers maximize resources in order to produce the perfect balance of tonnage and sugar content from our sugar beets. With one of the nation’s largest sugar processing facilities in our back yard, we are proud to consistently supply the market with delicious White Satin sugar.


Wheat is a vital rotational crop for our potato production. Whether we plant it in the fall to get a head’s start before the winter freeze, or we plant in the spring, wheat is a major crop on our farm. Due to water cutbacks in the Western United States, wheat is also valuable due to its shorter growing season compared to the rest of our crops.


The majority of our corn is grown in Magic Valley, heart of Idaho’s dairy country. We grow silage and grain corn to supply the local dairies with cattle feed, but we also grow sweet corn for packaging and wholesale. Corn is the most recent crop to enter our crop rotation, and has opened up doors we had not previously explored. Due to the warmer climate of the Magic Valley, compared to the eastern side of the state, as well as the close proximity to several dairies, it is the prime location for growing corn.


Grass and alfalfa hay thrive in Idaho during the summer. We strive to maximize our hay production to provide high quality feed in both domestic and export markets.